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One of the most important tenets expounded by Jesus who we might care to also consider as occupying the status of our Elder Brother was that the followers of his spiritual way should understand the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Further, that we are all of that spirit, the One Spirit; that we come from that condition of spirit, are spirit here and now, and that it is back to that realm of spirit we return after physical death.

Jesus said: “No one has ascended into heaven but he who descended from heaven…’The son of man’ is appended here – another name given to Jesus, but in fact it is a generic term in Hebrew that means ‘person’ – ben adam…
Jesus also averred: “It is the spirit that gives life, the flesh is of no avail; the words that I have so spoken to you are spirit and life.”

Jesus is recorded as having made these wonderful and true statements by his follower and disciple who was there at the time, John, in the Bible texts written in his name headed Chapter 3 verse 13 and Chapter 6 verse 63.
And as Spiritualists we wholeheartedly agree, and understand those words. Jesus also said: “He that believes in the work I do, he shall do also, and greater works than these he shall do.”

He further said that signs, such as the healing of the sick, would follow for them that believe. Let us take a brief look at the atmosphere and understandings of the people and places that Jesus, who was to have such an impact on the life of the world, was born into.

Let’s move away from religious argument over whether he was God incarnate as a man, whether he was begotten not created; born of a virgin, the messiah, or whether or not he was simply a prophet in a long line of prophets. Let’s not dwell on the various factions that have sprung up ever since his crucifixion by the Romans, possibly given up by the sanhedrin, even to this last 165 years of modern Spiritualism, and get back to what was, and is, spiritual reality and truth.

If we acknowledge the Biblical texts that state that Jesus, called Yeshua in his native tongue, was born to a family from Nazareth in the north of Israel and belonged to the tribe of David which was Judah – although his mother Mary (Miriam) was related to Elizabeth of the priestly tribe of Levi, mother of John (Yochanan) the Baptist, we have a historical basis for what would have been his cultural and ethnic background and awareness.

He famously said he’d come ‘to fulfil the law (Torah) not to destroy it. The tanach or torah is the 5 Books of Moses. These are called Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.

If you look at these first books of the Bible as a Spiritualist, you will find much that is obviously spirit, and Holy Spirit, generated. In Genesis 24 for instance Abraham told his eldest servant Eliezer, who was obviously someone who sat in his Circle, to go to his father’s house and get a wife for his son Isaac. He told him that an angel would guide him, and he and Eliezer understood that this would be so.

Why and how do we know this? Because when Eliezer got to the city of Nahor, he sent out his thoughts – linked in to spirit – and asked that the girl he’d come to take back to Abraham would visit the well he sat by (water being very significant in spiritual terms – and the first requirement for physical life) and that she would say special pre-ordained words to him. Before he’d finished his request to the Great Spirit he saw a girl.

Unbeknown to Eliezer she was actually the daughter of Abraham’s brother Nahor. The words he had asked for her to say were indeed spoken back to him.
When he accompanied her to the house he told his psychic story which is reported in this same Chapter 24, and it continues as Isaac himself is reported to have been meditating in the open countryside as they returned, after he’d visited a well named ‘the Living One who sees me’…

Further on in Isaac’s story we hear of him getting old and receiving a message from ‘the Lord’. Incidentally, the word ‘Lord’ and ‘God’ translated thus from the Hebrew is most often, elohim – a plural.

We know, as Jesus grew up knowing, that this messaging from the spirit world is a fact. Now the historic chronicles in these records of ancient times are full of primitive and violent actions and attitudes. However, the spiritual mediumship was then as now – some better than others, and some more mixed with the thought processes and social conditioning of the times in which the mediums lived.

Jacob and Esau

Jesus would have been familiar with the story of Jacob – Isaac’s son who had been so aptly named ‘supplanter’ as he’d later taken Esau’s rights as his elder brother by trickery. But Jacob was a good spiritual channel and was given the new name of Israel after a psychic encounter with what it seems was the Great Spirit actually speaking to him. (In Genesis 28.)

Indeed the Apostle Peter, Cepha, quoted from this story in the New Testament in the Acts of the Apostles Chapter 3 verse 25. Then later in Genesis 40, the story of Joseph of ‘Technicolour Dreamcoat’ fame, who was the medium and interpreter of dreams in the court of Pharaoh.

This section ends with Joseph saying that they would leave Egypt for ‘the land’ as God had sworn to Abraham, Isaac and to Jacob.

The second ‘Book’ of Moses, Exodus, would have been a source of historical and spiritual and psychic knowledge for Jesus. In amongst the murder and mayhem, the Great Spirit, Holy Spirit, moved amongst the exiled Israelites and eventually led them guided by a pillar of cloud by day and fire by night. The children’s clothes grew with them and they were all fed and watered for 40 years.

As a personal ‘for instance’ of this psychic manifestation in the present day, my mother knitted me a jumper when I was size 12. A couple of years ago, clearing out a drawer of old jumpers, I ‘found’ it again. Now over the years I’d got to be a size 18/20.

Ah I sighed as I pulled it out and held it close. Remembering the first day I’d received it and was told to put it on by my mum. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I unfolded it. It had ‘stretched’ while laying tucked away unseen. It looked like my current size of clothing. I tried it on and it fitted perfectly. It’s been worn and washed many times since then and hasn’t shrunk back!

Reverend G. Maurice Elliott, the stalwart campaigner for the recognition and acceptance of Spiritualism by the Established Church of England of which he was a minister, recorded a similar present day miracle to the biblical account of Jesus and his disciples in Capaernum on the shore of the Kineret (Sea of Galilee) needing money when they had none to pay their tax.

Jesus told Peter to cast a hook into the sea and told him there would be the money to pay for both of them in a fish. This was proved true.

The Rev and his wife, medium and writer Irene Hallam Elliott, were on a short holiday staying in a vicarage about 10 miles from the sea. The weather had been bad but had cleared so they decided to spend this one fine day at the beach. Relaxing on deckchairs and probably thinking about lunch, they realised they’d come out without any money. As they were packing up to go back, Irene’s guide spoke to her: “Stay where you are, you needn’t go home” which information she duly relayed to her husband.

So they stayed. Suddenly a wave threw up at their feet a small object that looked like the heel of a slipper covered with shells and seaweed. On closer inspection Rev Elliott tells us that it was an old purse clasped tightly shut. In it was a shilling, a sixpence and five pennies which was sufficient for food and drink for the day!

As he said: “Such supernormal occurrences do regularly and constantly happen today in the lives of Spiritualists who are in touch with the heavenly messengers whom God has ordained and appointed to ‘succour and defend us’.

That ‘today’ to which Reverend Graeme Maurice Elliott referred was then the pre second world war 1930’s… In our today, the teen years of the 21st century, we can still all bear witness to the truth of his statement!

He also expounded the necessity of prayer and the reality of its power.As he was also wont to say:”All believers in psychic science have learnt to pray without ceasing.”
Jesus’s healing ministry and that of his disciples and followers of his spiritual way as Christianity was called in his own time is well documented – although the account of it attributed to John says at the end: ‘And there are also many other things which Jesus did. If they should be all recorded one by one in detail, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain or have room for the books that would be written.’

Poussin: The Finding of Moses

Looking again at the effect on him of the religious tradition and learning into which he was born and grew up, Jesus has been called a ‘Moses Man’. I would add ‘and Elijah’ to that. The Law-Giver together with The Prophet.

In the Book of Kings that relates to the Kings of Israel and Judah in the 9th Century BCE (Before Christ) many ‘ men of God’, prophets – or as we would call them mediums linked to the higher spiritual realms rather than those who work mostly with the lower or astral places of other – worldly existence, are recorded.

The one who was to come to be regarded as the representative of all the prophets, and the forerunner of Jesus, Elijah, (Eliyahu, meaning My God is Yahweh in the Hebrew, aka Jehova, the symbolic Hebrew letters used for God being yud hey vov hey) demonstrated superb psychic, spiritual, and healing, aptitudes par excellence! What’s more it was further said that Elijah must return, be reincarnated, before the coming of the expected Messiah.

In the first book of Kings, Chapter 17 Elijah was told by the Lord to go to a particular widow’s home in Zarephath, Sidon, where she’d also been told to expect him. (She must also have been a medium of course – a fact not mentioned in the accounts.)

There he performed two acts that were of the same kind as Jesus nearly 900 years later. One, he provided her with food that didn’t run out until the famine producing drought in her area was over, and two, when her son grew sick and apparently stopped breathing, Elijah lay over the child’s body and fervently prayed: “Oh Lord my God, I pray You, let this child’s soul come back to him.” And he revived and lived.

It is known that Jesus was observed by three of his followers, Peter, James and John, speaking to the recognisable figures of Elijah, and Moses, about his imminent departure from this world into theirs. Jesus’s disciples that he’d chosen to be with him for this occasion had fallen into deep trance prior to waking and perceiving their Master transfigured into his shining spirit body deep in conversation with those from what we would conjecture to be his group in spirit.

We Spiritualists understand all the Biblical reports of psychically manifested eventualities, and this event and those others in Elijah’s life completely and need no convincing of their truthfulness.

The New Spiritualists’ Society has been given instructions on delivering healing from the Holy Spirit which has proved very beneficial to those giving the healing and to those receiving it.

The New Christian Spiritualists’ Society held special healing sessions inspired by the highly evolved spirit group ‘Iconoclast’, moved so to do by the Holy Spirit, who instructed their medium accordingly. We know that the spirit within each being is linked to spirit without, and that restorative energies are able to activate and empower from the higher dimensions of spirit through that linking channel into that which holds the framework of flesh and blood together and functioning.

Here is a template that you may care to use at your own meetings. It can last from 10 to 20 minutes and you can use as many healing channels who are willing to serve.
We know that God keeps his promises, and Jesus said that “where two or three are gathered in my name, there I shall be also”.

Here is a suggested format for a particular kind of public healing service.
A simple ABC for a medium linked in to Higher Spirit dimensions – Invocation for Spiritual Healing

A – An appointed by consensus Healing Leader who must also be a sound and spiritual medium says:

“ Great Spirit, Holy Spirit, we ask you to allow your messengers, your angel helpers from the realms of light to descend into our earthly atmosphere and send your healing comfort to all here in this hall/room/church/sanctuary who are afflicted with problems of health, whether in mind or body, and whether themselves, or suffering from seeing family and friends in problematic situations or conditions. We ask all those assembled here to participate, to join in asking their own guides and helpers provided by God, that the Holy Spirit to come and give that healing through their own private prayers of supplication and request.

B – The Healing Leader then says: “I ask you to close your eyes and join me in prayer as (and here you give the names of those who are willing to serve ) X and X and X place their hands on the shoulders and heads of those so requesting direct help tonight/this morning/this afternoon.

Dear Lord we pray for the comfort now and freedom from worry and stress for those persons receiving now the laying on of hands.”

Now the Healing Leader uses their mediumistic abilities to allow their helpers and guides to give them a prompting as to what specific problems might assail those being given the laying on of hands and prayers. For instance they may be inspired to mention a bad back or legs or domestic situations that need relief or worries regarding money or children etc., to let the Spirit move them.

C – The Healing Leader will say “Amen” after a minute or two of spoken – out – loud prayer as indicated in A. And so on until finished. Usually about 4/5 prayers are required beginning with B and finishing at C.

Praising God in a closing prayer of thanks should also be given.

Include thanks to the healers and all the congregation for their own prayers made that assists the good outcome for all concerned. We also give inspirational prayers for healing in any situation.


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I am first minister of the New Spiritualists Society UK. I have been in Spiritualism for many years and have utilised my journalistic skills - I was a sports journalist both freelance and publishing editor of Sportswoman magazine and managing editor of Sportsworld among other publications. I won Magazine Sportswriter of the Year in 1988 and had the book Women and Sport published in the same year. In 1994 I edited the SNU newsletter New Communicator and in 1996 I was appointed editor of old established weekly Spiritualist newspaper Psychic News. I contribute to Psychic World quarterly and compile and edit the community magazine Littleport Life. I was a speed skater and ice hockey player and ran a speed club and ice hockey club. I also became a coach and referee. I am president of the Great Britain Bandy Association which I founded and director of the Ice Arena Project. I am PO for the Littleport Society and Chair of the Scout and Guide Hut committee. I am mother of 6, grandmother and great grandmother. I am married to my partner of 37 years Cathy.

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