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With an ever expanding list of Ministers, you will be able to find the New Spiritualists’ Society UK not just in the country, but with our ‘globe trotting’ Ministers, all over the world. They are all qualified to perform wedding, Christening/Naming ceremonies and to conduct Funerals as well as many other spiritual rites of passage such as blessing unions, renewal of vows etc.

Current list of Ministers:

(You can find them all on social media!) 

Principle Minister:

Most Reverend Lyn Gibb-de Swarte

Council of Ministers: Reverend Alan Acton, Reverend Judith Freeman, Reverend Cathy Gibb de Swarte


Cambridgeshire Ministers

London Ministers:

The Most Rev Alan Acton (Joint Metropolitain Archbishop)

The Most Rev Judith Freeman (Joint Metropolitan Archbishop)

Rev Garry Titheridge

Rev Karen Cambridge

The Rt Rev Pollyanna Boothby-Tucker

Rev Teresa Aveiro


Rev’d Adrian Dobson

Rev’d Christina Parfitt

Rev’d Sally Wall

Rev’d Maxine Anderson

Rev’d Virginia Stevens

Rev’d Bob Murphy

Rev’d Andy Ash Fielding

Happy Ministers an ordination service at Connections of Light Spiritualist Church Goose House Lane BB3 OEE
Rev’d Andy Ash Fielding MNSS
Rev’d Christina Parfitt MNSS Stand in Faith Southport
Revs Virginia Stevens, Karen Ashley, Maxine Anderson and Sally Wall, MNSS photo: Rev Christina Parfitt MNSS About Reverend Maxine Anderson MNSS.
Started her life on the small island of Uist, over 70 years ago! Now living, for quite a number of years, in Southport, Rev Maxine, is a well known character in the town.
Maxine studied at university to become a Presbyterian Minister, many years ago.
She has travelled to various parts of the world, and experienced many cultures.
She was welcomed as a minister, at what was Portland Street Spiritualist Church prior to its closing due to Covid restrictions, and helped with the smooth running of the church. She was, and still is a healer, and practised at the Tuesday clinics.
When Stand in Faith opened up, she was happily accepted once again. Requesting to join the New Spiritualist Society UK, Rev Maxine was happy to have been welcomed with open arms by Principal Minister Reverend Lyn Gibb-de Swarte.
Reverend Maxine MNSS is bringing peace, love, and hope to all in need, through her ministry.

East Sussex:

Rev Guy Taylor

Rev John Tunbridge

Rev Lyndi Molyneux 

West Sussex

The Rt Rev Denise Mascherpa

Rev Zion Kevin

Rev Karen Barker


Rev Scott Williams


The Rt Rev Philip Solomon

Reverend Philip Solomon MNSS a talented singer, musician and medium and healer – prolific writer!


Pastor James Wallace Turner 


Rev Zion Kevin and Rev Karen Barker 

Worldwide Globetrotters aka NSS Missionaries:

The Most Rev Alan Acton

Rev Ross Bartlett