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Welcome to the New Spiritualists’ Society UK! We are a brand new 21st century group of Spiritualists drawn together by a desire to see Modern Spiritualism treated with the respect that its truth and core Principles deserves in the wake of the repeal of the Fraudulent Mediums Act and the proliferation of so called ‘psychic’ services via television, telephone and, of course, the internet…

We are a religious denomination in the Early Christian tradition, accepting the Spiritual Way that Jesus and his followers explained, with Christ as Lord and Saviour and Light of the World. We are also a multi-faith organisation accepting all religious spiritual religions as equally valid and respect other religions’ sacred texts. We respectfully point out that Jesus said nothing on the matter of homosexuality although it would have been something that he and his followers would have been well aware of, particularly in view of the Hellenic and Roman cultures in Israel at the time. The NSSUK is totally accepting of others’ sexualities and lifestyles as long as they do not hurt, nor advocate hurting, anyone else.

We are a welcoming and inclusive Spiritualist organisation that is dedicated to promoting the spiritual part of Spiritualist and mindful that many Christians, Jews, Hindus and Moslems and more would also like to openly identify with Spiritualism. This Society declares itself to be a denomination that is broadly Christ-centred regardless of the definition placed on it by the council of priests at Nicaea over 300 years from the calendar that begins with the also decided birth date of Jesus…

We are basically followers of the Spiritual Way defined at the time by Jesus and his disciples. We are in tune with those practitioners of the spiritual arts, mediumship and healing, as described at the time called Pentecost. 

As a direct result of this declaration of our Society, Church, we maintain that Spiritualist practitioners who are genuine do not need to issue ‘disclaimers’ saying that they do it for entertainment purposes only or that it is an experiment or require insurance cover – unless 3rd party if they have visitors to their home or office premises in case of accidental falls etc.To that end, we are also all about providing education in and about the practice of genuine mediumship and healing…

MAY WE ALSO RECOMMEND A LOOK AT OUR FOUNDER’S INTERESTING WEBSITE (There are many insightful spiritual articles) http://www.lynguestdeswarte.com 

You may also like to view the mediumship teaching videos on youtube given by Rev Lyn Gibb – de Swarte. Subscription is free.We are also totally opposed to restrictive rules applied to their members or would-be members regarding their own particular definition of Spiritualism as listed by at least one old Spiritualist organisation in the UK. You are most welcome to join our fast growing Society if you agree with us! Why not join with us, and help the work of spreading the word and become a part of our ever growing numbers. Either visit a group church or meeting near you or set one up. Your good self will aid the Society in its work and should you not be near a local Branch of the NSSUK Church, I know that you will consider the suggestion to start your own.

You can become a registered supporting member of the NCSS by making a donation suggested at £10 to Paypal.me/RevLynNCSS and you will receive a certificate.  

We do not endorse the setting up of committees but expect all groups to have a set of equal helpers.

Emphatically the New Spiritualists’ Society is Ministry led, under the guiding leadership of our Primus and Principle Minister, The Most Reverend Lyn Gibb-de Swarte, ably assisted by Deacon Reverend Cathy Gibb de Swarte (who are pictured at the top of this page) and Archbishops The Most Reverend Judith Freeman and The Most Reverend Alan Acton.

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