Taking a fresh, Spiritualist, look at the scriptures and finding much activity that we can understand in the light of Spiritualism’s modern knowledge of spirit dimension activity and manifestation of spiritual practice, mediumship and healing, here on earth – in the perceived physical universe. Acts Chapter 16 verses 25-34 We must stay positive in times … Continue reading LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS

Rev Lyn on Mermaid Body Found

Reverend Lyn Guest de Swarte casts her net to catch ‘Mermaids: The Body Found’ screened on Animal Planet and Watch TV and examines its contents. The word science refers to the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment. It doesn’t confer any particular approval or … Continue reading Rev Lyn on Mermaid Body Found

New Old Healing With Spirit!

DEMONSTRATING A NEW ‘ADVANCE’ IN SPIRITUALIST HEALING WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT THAT RESTS ON PRAYER AND LAYING ON OF HANDS One of the most important tenets expounded by Jesus who we might care to also consider as occupying the status of our Elder Brother was that the followers of his spiritual way should understand the … Continue reading New Old Healing With Spirit!

First Steps into Trance!

Developing Trance Mediumship The first rule is to remember that spiritually ‘like attracts like’ therefore it is an obviously good idea when embarking on any spiritual quest to try and live as mindful of living in and for the ‘Light and Love’ and only for ‘Good’ as humanly possible. In normal circumstances this means to … Continue reading First Steps into Trance!

A Successful Exorcism

Here is an unsolicited account sent in for publication by someone who has experienced an exorcism first hand. Ms Jacqui Burford states: I have lived in my house since 1980. It is an old school built around 1897. Ever since I moved in there I have found it hard to get on with all those … Continue reading A Successful Exorcism

Creation not Evolution?

Those who believe that evolution is a fact, which means that something has to be based on demonstrable evidence, and not a theory, which is that which is only ever a supposition requiring little or nothing to support it in reality, then those who accept it should ask themselves how that evidence compares to that … Continue reading Creation not Evolution?

No Web Block For Us!

Spiritualists in the UK had been worried by rumours spread by individuals about government directives that could – or indeed – would block Spiritualist websites. We dispel those rumours.  The Principal Minister of the New Spiritualists’ Society has been in correspondence with the Government of the United Kingdom, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, since someone … Continue reading No Web Block For Us!

Joking? Experiment? No Way!

Since 2008 members, mediums and affiliated centres to the ‘SNU’ have been ordered by their organisation, that promotes itself as a company that represents the religion of Spiritualism in its articles and memorandum, to issue disclaimers. These to state: ‘for entertainment purposes only’ or as ‘an experiment- without guarantee of result’. This sorry situation has … Continue reading Joking? Experiment? No Way!

Coaching a New Church

There is a great responsibility on us all now if we care about our Spiritualist way of life. The first point of contact with Spiritualism is through our mediums. Then our speakers. We have to ensure that there is no room for error under scrutiny. No sermon or address that offends others’ belief systems or … Continue reading Coaching a New Church

New Spiritualist Christianity

WE ARE THE NEW SPIRITUALISTS’ SOCIETY CHURCH! Just like Methodists, Baptists and other denominations of Christianity, we are Spiritualists. It was mooted at a meeting of bishops, archbishops and interested laypeople in England before the last World War that there might be another [Christian] Church formed by Spiritualists in the future… There always have been … Continue reading New Spiritualist Christianity


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