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The New Spiritualists’ Society as a Church is committed to spreading as much information as is humanly possible so that everyone can recognise the genuine practice of mediumship when they see it. To also therefore be able at the very least to recognise spurious and deceitful presentations… The NSS is also concerned with mediumistic healing services.

L-R Rev’d Alan Acton, Rev’d Lyn Gibb de Swarte, Rev’d Judith Freeman NSS UK Council of Ministers welcome all

So how is the New Spiritualists’ Society making this a reality?

Based in London and Littleport, Ely, in Cambridgeshire, and now extending to other areas including Guyhirn also in Cambridgeshire, Sussex, Lincolnshire, Northumbria, Scotland, Spain and Israel, the New Spiritualists’ Society has been inaugurated by Reverend Lyn Gibb – de Swarte, and its education programme is under her particular guidance, tutoring and tutelage.

The New Spiritualists’ Society hosts its Academy for Philosophy, Mediumship and Healing. While we welcome a supporting donation as mentioned on our ‘partnership’ page, no compulsory subscription or other costs are involved and certificates of attendance for each completed workshop/seminar/lecture is available at a reasonable extra charge to cover materials and administrative services. This is a religious Academy and does not require its students to buy insurance…All donations are recognised by a certificate of your support.

You can expect public meetings to offer spiritual meditation, a philosophical address, a short (of necessity) scientific talk and mediumship within a spiritual Service of prayer and praise. Most groups and churches offer development circles and in North London spiritual evenings are offered by New Spiritualists’ Society UK Minister, Reverend Pollyanna Boothby – Tucker at 7pm every second Tuesday evening of the month at Global House, Barnet Carers, 303 Ballards Lane, Finchley(STAFFS)
Reverend Judith Freeman and Reverend Alan Acton are based in Orpington and environs! We have many ministers in the North of England too.

Now extended into West Sussex, under the administration of New Christian Spiritualists’ Society Minister medium and healer Reverend Denise Mascherpa, the Spiritual Workshop And Nurturing Sanctuary (SWANS)hold their spirit filled nights on the first Friday of every month at 7.30-9pm at Southwick Community Centre, 24 Southwick Street, West Sussex BN42 4TE. In East Sussex Minister Reverend Guy Taylor offers development circles and healing development groups. There is now the Israel New Spiritualists’ Society with pastor James Wallace Turner convening meetings/circles etc.


Meetings are also scheduled with talks on Spiritualist subjects, together with mediumship demonstrations and will be announced as and when by the respective conveners of the meetings.

London is the capital city of England, steeped in history that is well-known around the world and visitors will always be spoiled for choice when choosing to attend Rev Garry and Rev Karren’s meetings or Reverend Pollyanna’s for hotels and B&B’s! Sussex by the sea is another major tourist destination with many wonderful places to stay!

Littleport too has many attractions for the tourist. It is a large English village,once a port used by the Romans, with a history of religious independence in the shadow of Ely Cathedral, built by the Normans on the site of Queen Etheldreda’s women’s religious sanctuary.There are comfortable guest houses in the village or in nearby Ely with its smart hotels too! Guyhirn is another beauty spot near the lovely old market towns of March and Wisbech on the fens.

Educational seminars, development circles and workshops are now offered regularly under the auspices of the New Christian Spiritualists’ Society’s Academy for Philosophy, Mediumship and Healing.

Reverend Lyn is joined in the New Christian Spiritualists’ Society by internationally renowned mediums, Reverend Cathy Gibb-de Swarte, Right Reverend Nick Brown,Reverend Garry Titheridge, Reverend Teresa Alveiro,and Reverend Ross Bartlett,Reverend Karren Cambridge, Reverend Pollyanna Boothby- Tucker, Reverend Alan Acton,Reverend Guy Taylor, Reverend Denise Mascherpa, Reverend Joseph Arthur Wright, Reverend Jeanette Bolton, Dr Gerald Philips and Ms Jacqui Burford, among other notables.

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The New Christian Spiritualists’ Society Church Mission Statement:

To uphold the traditional principles and standards of Spiritualism.

To establish the practice of genuine mediumship in Great Britain.

To educate the general public about Spiritualism and its genuine practices of mediumship and healing.

To have the core beliefs, philosophy and science of Spiritualism acknowledged by an Act of Parliament in place of the repealed Fraudulent Mediums Act 1951.

New Christian Spiritualists’ Society Awards:

Certificates in Mediumship and Healing. Ordination of Ministers who complete the ministry course and fulfil the strict criteria of the New Christian Spiritualists’ Society. This criteria having no restrictions on the grounds of gender, sexual orientation, or ethnicity

Study Aids: The NCSS recommends Rev Lyn’s easily read but encyclopedic volume published by the New (Christian)Spiritualists’ Society,entitled The Spiritualists’ Handbook available from that contains workshops, meditations,a mediumship manual, a healing manual, features on physical mediumship and mental mediumship with transcripts of real consultations, church services and prayers – an extensive volume of work by Reverend Gibb-de Swarte given to students participating in its learning programmes.

A spiritual development CD ‘Iconoclast’, also by Rev Lyn is available to download from nimbit on the web. The New Christian Spiritualists’ Society book of traditional hymns with an introduction by Rev Lyn and compiled by Reverend Nick Brown is available now on amazon.

The Spiritualists’ Handbook, 332 pages packed with much of our practices,development workshops, philosophy and services, is obtainable from at only £14.40p

Supporting partnership with the New Spiritualists’ Society, which entitles reduced price participation in all its educational events from circles to seminars and workshops where a price is quoted as well as ultimate certifications, is available for you as a PARTNER by donation – you can contact revlyn@btinternet for details should you wish to help the work financially!

Why not come and join us in our mission?