NSS Partnership

If you would like to be known as one who supports the aims and objectives of our non-discriminatory all-inclusive Spiritualists’ organisation – please identify with us as a partner and visit a church near you – or set one up yourself!

It’s like setting up a home circle in the light with the New Spiritualists’ Society as your sunshade! Find many members who are mediums on Facebook or on YouTube spreading the word – or look for tutorials and talks by just the name, Lyn Gibb-de Swarte, on YouTube, and for some inspirational prayers.

We have opened a membership register for a nominal donation from just £10. Paypal.me/RevLynNCSS You will receive a card that brings special benefits with it.

We are committed to spreading the knowledge of our Spiritualist movement, religion and its practices to all who have the desire to understand it fully. If you are among those who have chosen to join our campaign to change the public impression of our chosen spiritual pathway through this life as a partner, welcome!

If you haven’t yet, perhaps you’ll consider it for the future. The New Spiritualists’ Society UK is already gaining credible support from many spiritual Spiritualist practitioners and from the general public too. We know that those pioneers of Modern Spiritualism would heartily endorse our new society as encapsulating their own ideals.

When people like the Fox Family,Emma Hardinge Britten, Doctor Maria Haydn and Andrew Jackson Davis showed the world that we can prove that there is indeed life after death by communicating with individuals in the world of spirit and the Heavenly Realms. In the 19th century, they did so under their own steam and from their own Christian religious understandings, as did more modern day seers in the 20th, such as Barbanell and Quastel, Benjamin and Nason, who came from a Jewish background. None of the great mediums and healers of old, such as Abraham, Moses and Jesus or those who emulated them – and all the known prophets, had a book of regulations to accompany their spiritual work. Just inspirational tenets and the ‘Golden Rule’ to ‘Love one another’ – to love your neighbour as yourself.

I hope you’ll join us if you haven’t yet! There is a one off donation/subscription for membership from just £10 – although any extra donations are always gratefully received towards the office/admin expenses!This also entitles you to reduced costs for workshops and seminars you might like to attend.