Genuine Mediumship

Demonstrating genuine mediumship in Oliver Cromwell’s House in Ely, Cambridgeshire! First Minister Reverend Lyn, next to her, on her left, Deacon Reverend Cathy Gibb de Swarte, on her right, Rt Reverend Denise Mascherpa MNSS, and Rt Reverend Lyndi Molyneux MNSS

Since the repeal of the Fraudulent Mediums Act of 1951, there has been no effective safeguard for genuine mediums and there has been an upsurge in presentations of psychic work which can be mistakenly assumed to be a link with the world of spirit and individuals therein. The NSS UK seeks to make clear the differences to all…


1) Mediums should clearly demonstrate that they are the exchange between the natural world and the world of Spirit by the evidential information received from communicators in spirit that they then give to recipients still on the earth plane, and thus prove that life is unconditionally continuous after physical death.

2) Mediums should deliver that evidential information as given facts, and not involve recipients in a question and answer situation.

3) Mediums should adequately describe the passing condition of the individual communicator from spirit to the recipient, and gender.

4) Mediums should impart convincing details of the Spirit – side communicator to the earthly recipient, and relationship.

5) Mediums should give informative description of the communicating individual’s earthly appearance and relay memorable events that would have occurred in the spirit communicators earthly lifetime – and share personal memories with the recipient.

6) Mediums should only then relay the information given to them by the communicator in Spirit about the earthly conditions of the recipient, to demonstrate their occasional presence and continued caring for that recipient.

7) Mediums should then pass on a spiritual message of comfort and upliftment from the communicator in Spirit to the recipient on this earthly side of life.


Spiritualist churches and centres are not just a source of responsible and reliable mediums developed through their good offices, but are also the places to find mostly good and always sincere mediums working.

Because Spiritualism believes in nothing that can’t be proved, and is founded on the belief in unconditional life after death, which is made manifest through mediumship, mediumship is in evidence at every meeting.

Iconoclast: Tuning into Spirit

If you would like to further your own mediumistic development, there are three very powerful meditations and a trance question and answer session plus a benediction, through the mediumship of Rev Lyn Guest de Swarte (now Lyn Gibb-de Swarte since marriage) with the group in Spirit with whom she works, Iconoclast on a CD that is available from Amazon Music.

The 7 Principles of Mediumship is taken from The Spiritualists’ Handbook written by Reverend Lyn Guest de Swarte, now Gibb-de Swarte, the founder of the New Spiritualists’ Society. It is available from Amazon. The photograph was taken while she was serving a church as resident minister, medium, healer and workshop tutor in America. The New Spiritualists’ Society is compiling a register of genuine mediums who are not providing survival evidence for entertainment only nor as an experiment.

Acting Minister Rev Lyn at the Albertson Memorial Church in Old Greenwich USA in 2005