First Steps into Trance!

Developing Trance Mediumship

The first rule is to remember that spiritually ‘like attracts like’ therefore it is an obviously good idea when embarking on any spiritual quest to try and live as mindful of living in and for the ‘Light and Love’ and only for ‘Good’ as humanly possible.

Medium Eva Carriere

In normal circumstances this means to most of us that we should behave in a kindly and non-hurtful manner towards our fellow beings and other creatures of the earth, and to take on board the fact that we come from spirit, are of the One Spirit, and that after our physical life is done here, that we shall return to that world of spirit as the beings of spirit we were, are and will always be.

So, in order to pursue a connection to the highest spirit guidance to which we can aspire, we must first follow that understanding, and then learn to ‘heighten’ our state of consciousness away from its basic everyday concerns. We do this by setting aside a time of quietness and safety in our daily round of activities, to enter into a more peaceful and tranquil state of mind by means of meditation.

In fact by disciplining your mind to literally ‘rise above’ the trials and tribulations that assail all of us on a daily basis, you will find yourself changing your response and behaviour patterns over a period of time that will not only be beneficial to your life, but will become noticeable to others.

Contact and communication with what for ease of understanding we may call the ‘angelic realms’ is far removed from the lower, or astral, planes of spirit existence.
Mediumship that connects with relatives and friends, loved ones, who wish to give a message of comfort and prove their personal survival into the dimensions of spirit is the bedrock of Spiritualism by which millions have been convinced that we all live on.

But the implications of that validation beyond the egocentric gratification of the individual receiving that immediate comfort are for the most part not addressed, generally ignored. Where there is a sense of something more, it’s often explained in quasi religious terms…We go to a better place – or a less nice place according to some vague notion of judgement at some later date!

The transmission of messages from those whose ever onerous task is to improve the spiritual quality and as a consequence the material conditions of life on the earth plane for its inhabitants is much less popular – as it has ever been so since the beginning.

There isn’t exactly a rush to learn this aspect of mediumship that is commonly called ‘trance’. This is a mediumistic practice that could never be classified as ‘for entertainment purposes only’ or as ‘an experiment, the outcome of which cannot be guaranteed’. An unfortunate and vast number of practising mediums and psychics in the UK describe their work within those categories, encouraged so to do by various Spiritualist organisations and groups who should not only know better, but who sell their members insurance policies.

The New Spiritualists’ Society is exactly that. It was founded as a direct result of its founder’s refusal to accept the edicts of these other organisations, and to offer a spiritual protection to Spiritualist exponents of all kinds of mediumship.

However, if you have got this far, and are in agreement, you’re probably the kind of spiritual Spiritualist who is already with us or who we would welcome into our NSS group of friends.

So to continue with the task in hand, you will have to have already grasped the rudiments and practice of meditation as a preparatory groundwork. If not, you can find meditation exercises in The Spiritualists’ Handbook, to listen to on the Iconoclast CD downloadable from the internet, or on the following links.

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Having dealt with that, we press on. As for any kind of calming relaxation, you need to find a quiet space and time where you will not be interrupted for say fifteen minutes. Phone lines unplugged, mobiles and computer speakers turned off – a general condition of in communicado with your usual earthly surroundings.

In addition to your usual prayers, before ‘sitting’ for your spiritual development, you must make your statement that everything you do is only for good, for the light, for love and truth. This simple avowal sincerely meant will bring good spirit, Holy Spirit, to your aid and will therefore protect you against any untoward influence emanating from the spirit world.

When you have done this and settled into your chair (or reclined if that is your usual position in life) close your eyes and take two or three regular breaths in and out, to the count of three in and three out. Now you have to develop the skill of distancing yourself from your usual concerns of the mind. Whatever it is that you have going on in your life, whatever worries or indeed joys, must be deliberately ignored.

Focus on the image of a ladder placed before you, from the ground to the sky – or at least skyward – with some angelic beings quite a long way up holding it firm for you.
In your mind’s eye begin to walk or glide up the ladder.

As you reach a level, a platform will appear where you can sit and rest. Here is the ‘place’ where your group of guides and helpers will begin to attempt communication with you. As you repeat this excursion, perhaps on a weekly or twice weekly basis, you should build up a rapport and find you are increasingly tuned in to the frequency required to hear, to receive audible input, with your etheric self, your spirit body.

This is the duplicate of our perfect physical appearance – no matter how badly formed we have been from birth, or maimed or scarred by sickness thereafter, our etheric template is perfect. The catch lies in the physical manifestation in ever-imperfect matter. So we have a duplicate of our senses that operates on a higher frequency and relies not on the physical.

It is a good idea to either have a trustworthy friend to sit with you in order to hear and write down whatever is given to you as a message to repeat, or to have a ‘tape’ running, a recording device, to capture any words you may be able to relay even from the first session. Do not expect this process of higher spirit communication to be easily attainable, it will take time and effort.

After a few minutes, make your decision to leave that platform and descend once more to the ground. Let the ladder disappear from your consciousness and feel once again that you are back on the ground, in the place where you began this special meditation.

When you feel the weight of your body again just wriggle your toes and fingers or whatever your extremities to restore your circulation and on opening your eyes take a drink of water. After all you have been exercising!

Keep a log, a diary, of your sessions with spirit for future reference. Good luck and every blessing to you on your spiritual journey.


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I am first minister of the New Spiritualists Society UK. I have been in Spiritualism for many years and have utilised my journalistic skills - I was a sports journalist both freelance and publishing editor of Sportswoman magazine and managing editor of Sportsworld among other publications. I won Magazine Sportswriter of the Year in 1988 and had the book Women and Sport published in the same year. In 1994 I edited the SNU newsletter New Communicator and in 1996 I was appointed editor of old established weekly Spiritualist newspaper Psychic News. I contribute to Psychic World quarterly and compile and edit the community magazine Littleport Life. I was a speed skater and ice hockey player and ran a speed club and ice hockey club. I also became a coach and referee. I am president of the Great Britain Bandy Association which I founded and director of the Ice Arena Project. I am PO for the Littleport Society and Chair of the Scout and Guide Hut committee. I am mother of 6, grandmother and great grandmother. I am married to my partner of 37 years Cathy.

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